about us

Tuul stands for adding value to daily city life, reducing urban pollution, and creating new standards for electric micro-mobility vehicles in terms of durability, convenience, and care. It is launched by team Comodule who has connected over 200 000 e-scooters and has helped to launch fleets in over 60 cities worldwide. Taking the market knowledge, Comodule has now developed its own connected vehicle.

about Tuul

the most durable and eco-friendly e-scooter in the world

use once, fall in love forever

  • the first and only developed and produced e-kickscooter in Estonia
  • lifetime expectancy of 5 years (60 months)
  • has a range of 40 kilometres
  • over 90% recyclable after its lifetime
  • manufactured from 42% of recycled materials
  • swappable dual batteries – no need to pick up the vehicle for charging
  • battery swapping with e-bicycle and a CNG-gas based van
  • 24/7 customer support

energy efficiency

  • uses 100 times less energy per km compared to a petrol car
  • 20 times less compared to an electric car


enriching urban lifestyle by reducing the ecological footprint, decreasing air pollution, and combating traffic noise


creating premium sustainability and convenience standards for shared fleet