A quick guide to winterproof riding outfit

Scootering during winter can be as enjoyable as in summer, but only if cold weather does not harm your fingers and toes. As winter scootering is still in the baby shoes there can be some difficulties finding suitable attire. Let’s look how to make right outfit choices to feel warm and yet comfortable while riding a scooter.

Layers make the difference

Prepare to layer up your outfit because layered clothing provides you long lasting warmth. Particular emphasis should be placed on the first layer closest to the skin. The best choice would be an undershirt made of merino wool. Merino wool feels comfortable on the skin and diverts sweat away from the body when sweating. If the merino wool undergarment is not an option any undershirt made of other high-quality material will take care of your warmth as well. 

Add on top of the base layer second layer of clothing: a sweater, sweatshirt or vest. When riding during particularly cold weather add a third layer more, but make sure that the body’s mobility and comfort are maintained in the end.

A good winter jacket completes your layers

A warm winter jacket with wind and water resistance suits well for a top layer. Best options are a mountain skiing jacket, snowboarding jacket or a wintertime soft-shell jacket. However, any winter jacket or coat that keeps you warm is suitable for scootering. If the jacket itself is not so warm, you should focus even more on adding several layers.

Gloves- main company on your winter rides

Freezing fingertips can ruin your riding experience in just a few minutes, so be careful when choosing gloves. The best choice for scootering would be a pair of winter cycling gloves. These allow you to feel the grip of the handle and gas/break well without sacrificing warmth. If possible, prefer cycling gloves that  have a screen touch function so that you can start and end the ride comfortably without taking off your glove. In particularly cold weather add to the cycling gloves base gloves or one pair of gloves on top.

If winter cycling gloves are not available, mountain skiing gloves or several pairs of everyday gloves on top of each other will keep your fingers warm. Although, moving your hands may not be that easy with those options. 

Protect your feet and toes from freezing

Take care of the warmth of your feet to prevent later complications with knee pain. Especially when riding longer distances and your winter jacket does not cover your feet, put on winter pants with wind and water resistance. If you do not have these, put on several pairs of pants to help keep you warm.

To keep your toes cosy, wear warmer socks than on summer days. The best materials are merino wool and wool, so it is time to seek out your grandma’s knitted socks. In addition, wear boots when scootering in winter.

Keep your head nice and warm

Always wear a helmet when riding during winter. It is the best way to keep you safe and warm at the same time. The rest probably sounds like something that mother says, but it’s worth repeating: don’t forget to put on a hat and a scarf (or buff).

We hope you found here some useful tips to implement when next time choosing scootering clothing. Have a nice and warm ride!