Join Tuul Rewards and earn cashback from your rides! 🤩

Now you can travel with Tuul at an even more affordable price. To show our appreciation to our eager riders, we’ve introduced a new feature —Tuul Rewards—where you can earn exciting cashback rewards while riding with Tuul.

Experience the joy of riding Tuul with a twist! We are introducing Tuul Rewards – where every ride takes you closer to exciting cashback rewards. Each ride will bring you closer to the new loyalty levels. Therefore, the more you ride, the higher your next level. From level Crew to level Superhero, your loyalty pays off with increasing cashback percentages. By achieving the highest level – Superhero, you can earn as much as 10% cashback from your rides. ⚡

💡 More rides = higher loyalty level= bigger cashback!

How does it work? 

Earning cashback with Tuul Rewards is as easy as ABC. Here are 3 easy steps on how it works.

1. Ride Tuul scooters and climb the loyalty levels with each ride.

2. From level Crew to level Superhero, your loyalty pays off with increasing cashback percentages.📈

3. Earned cashback will be returned to you in Tuul credits after each ride. These credits can be used to pay for the following rides. 🤩

What else should you know…

Here are some rules on how conquering new levels and receiving cashback works with Tuul Rewards.

Rule 1: Reaching new levels. 

The level is calculated on the 1st day of each month based on the ride record for the past 2 months.

Rule 2: Rides valid for the progression.

The duration of the ride has to be at least 5 minutes to be valid for the progression. It includes rides using discounts, credits, Tuul subscriptions, and multi-rides. 

Rule 3: Earning cashback.

You’ll earn cashbacks, which are a percentage of the amount spent on rides (excluding subscriptions, credits, and discounts), returned to you as Tuul credits after each ride, available for your future rides.

Find more information from Tuul app under section “Tuul Rewards”.

Update your Tuul app to join Tuul Rewards and start earning cashback from your rides!