Have you ever almost stumbled upon a scooter? Not anymore!

Have you almost stumbled upon a scooter on the street? Or have you ever found out when you got to the scooter that it needed maintenance? Well, we have good news for you! From now on, you can report us in our app about an incorrectly parked scooter or scooter that needs maintenance.

Park Tuul into box!

The growing number of scooters in the city highlights the importance of cooperation and consideration of each other. In order to make the cityscape safer, Tallinn has introduced special parking boxes, so that scooters can be parked correctly. If possible, park your scooter in the parking box so that it is not bothering other citizens and stays handy to other users. As a bonus, you will receive a 10% discount on a ride if you park your Tuul in the parking box marked with the % sign on the app. If there is no parking box around, please park the scooter on the sidewalk so that there is still room for pedestrians to pass.

Report about a problem with the scooter!

In general, we can praise good scooter riders who already know how to park. But still there are some of us who accidentally forget the scooter in the middle of the pedestrian path. Incorrectly parked scooters can be dangerous or inconvenient to the people with bad eyesight or attention.Together we hope to overcome these worries soon thanks to a new feature in the app that allows us to let us know about the scooter that is bothering other citizens. Please, report about the scooter that is blocking the pathway, parked illegally, parked on a private property or unreachable. Every reporting is crucial for the safety of the cityscape, because the sooner we get the notice, the faster we can change the parking spot.


We have also facilitated reporting damaged scooters to reduce the number of times when a person discovers before the ride that the scooter needs maintenance. In the app you can conveniently report about the type of damage so that we can repair the scooter faster. If you do not understand exactly what the problem is, you can also explain in your own words why the scooter seems to need care.

How to report an incorrectly parked or damaged scooter?

Reporting an incorrectly parked or damaged scooter is really easy. Open the app and click on the exclamation mark. Then the “Report a problem” page opens, where you can select the problem from the drop-down menu:

  • Vehicle is damaged
  • Incorrect parking
  • Other issue

Reporting incorrect parking is simple as ABC:

  •   Scan the incorrectly parked scooter’s code
  •   Choose the reason why the scooters parking spot is not suitable
  •   If possible, send us a picture of a poorly parked scooter

Reporting damaged Tuul is also quick and easy:

  •   Scan the scooter’s code that needs maintenance
  •   Choose the problem damaged scooter seems to have
  •   If possible, send us a picture of the damaged scooter

By reporting an incorrectly parked or damaged scooter, you will contribute to the safety of yourself and your fellow citizens. Thank you for caring about the safe cityscape!