Together is better! Say hello to our new feature – group ride.

Tuul Group Ride

Since its launch, environmentally friendly and durable Tuul has proven to be a convenient tool for urban traffic. Taking you faster than walking from point A to point B and allowing you to keep a safe distance from other people at the same time. However, we are not yet perfect and there is still room for improvement to perfect our service and vehicle. But you know what? With our new extra feature, we’ve just taken it a step closer. Read more about how it works:

Let’s say you want to rent a scooter with a friend, but your friend’s phone is dead. What are you going to do?

Our new feature solves this problem with few clicks. Until now, each driver has had to open and pay for his or her own Tuul through a personal app, which is sometimes inconvenient if some people do not have enough space on their phones to download the application or do not have an internet connection.

Now, for the first time in Estonia, it is possible to rent several scooters with one mobile phone. “Add a scooter” or simply put, group ride is a new feature of Tuul, which allows one user to unlock up to 5 scooters under a single account. This allows users to easily share their joys of using Tuul with their friends and family and enjoy the ride without a hassle.

How to start a group ride?

Simply follow the below steps:

  • Start your own Tuul ride

  • Click on „add a scooter”

  • Read and confirm that you agree with our group ride Terms & Conditions

  • Click on the scooter on the map or scan the QR to unlock additional rides

  • Repeat again for additional passengers

  • PS! You can add additional scooters halfway the ride as well

Tuul-Group Ride_v2.1.jpg

What should I know before starting a group ride?

All participants in the group ride must comply with the Tuul Terms & Conditions and local laws in order to use it:

  • You, as the host, are above 18 years old. All other members of your group are above 16 years old.

  • You and your group assume full responsibility for any damages and injuries

  • Only one person per Tuul scooter

  • You can book up to 5 scooters

  • You will pay for the rides using your account

How to end a group ride?

Ending a group ride is easy breezy. Just select the scooter ID you want to stop and click on “end ride”.

How does payment work for the group ride?

Payment for the trips will be made through the host account. You can see the invoices by opening the menu “My rides”.

Tuul Group Rides

“It is very important for us to listen to our customers and their wishes. Tuul as a service is constantly evolving and now we can happily introduce the much-asked group ride feature. We are very excited to see how the new feature is going to be received.”

Jaan Kekišev, Tuul Business Owner

Finally …

If you’ve made it so far with the article, you’ve got all the information you need to try our new feature. Why not take a break and take your partner or a family member for a refreshing ride with Tuul, while keeping a safe distance from people as well. As feedback is very important for the further development of our service, we would like to hear your opinion. Write to us and let us know your thoughts!