Let the snowy scooter season win your heart

Snow is covering our streets and this means that winter riding season has started. Tuul scooters remain available for our fans like during last winter.

Tuul stays on streets for the second winter already when other scooters are hibernating. We want to offer scooter fans the opportunity to ride all year round, because in our eyes, a scooter is not just for summertime fun rides, but an environmentally friendly alternative to driving a car, which reduces city noise and air pollution. Although first scooter rides in the snow and cold may seem unusual, we firmly believe and have tried it out ourselves that with the right clothing and precautions, a scooter is great winter transportation. There are many benefits to electric scooter in addition to being environmentally friendly.

  • Get out of traffic jams
    During winter even more people travel by car than during summer season, which means more cars and bigger traffic jams. With Tuul you can pass the traffic jams with ease.
  • No more parking worries
    Finding parking spaces in Tallinn can be difficult at any time of the year, but especially in winter. With Tuul you can ride from point A to point B and leave the scooter to wait for the next rider.
  • Spend time in the fresh air
    We have a tendency to move outdoors much less during the cold season. When riding Tuul during daily activities you can move outdoors at the same time that boost the immune system and stimulates the body.


Winterproof scooters

We have developed and built Tuul weatherproof so that you can ride it even during the harsh frosts. As our scooters are manufactured here in Estonia, we can influence and control the durability of the scooters by using high quality parts on the scooters. Compared to other scooters made in China, Tuul’s battery lasts much longer, even at minus degrees. Scooter’s tires are also wider to withstand snowy road conditions. In addition to technical durability, we have also thought about road safety. To ensure safer driving, we have proactively reduced the maximum speed to 20 km/h in winter. The user can further reduce their maximum riding speed to 15 km/h by selecting “beginner mode” from the Tuul app. Don’t let the name “beginner mode” mislead you, because especially in winter riding slower takes you surely to the destination.

Ride safely

The health and safety of our passengers and fellow citizens is important to us, which is why we constantly monitor the road surface and weather conditions and share tips on how to ride safely in the Tuul app and on social media. However, safety depends greatly on the rider himself. To ride safely, remember these tips:

  • Drive slower
    In winter, it is advisable to slow down so that you can react in time if necessary. Also avoid sharp movements and bends, especially on slippery surfaces.
  • Put attention to the road surface
    When riding, keep your eye on the road. On icy, snowy or bumpy areas, slow down and, especially on ice, be prepared to jump off the scooter temporarily.
  • Wear a helmet
    It is always better to be prepared than to regret it. In addition to the protection function, the helmet also provides extra warmth to you.
  • Wear a reflector in the dark
    On dark streets at night, spotting a rider can be a difficult task for the driver. Protect yourself by making yourself visible.

Winter driving conditions

We remind you that you should ride a scooter on light traffic roads even during winter. Most light traffic roads are salted and snow-free in winter, but if an impassable road leads to your destination, we recommend finding an alternative road or paying special attention along the road. We would like to draw attention to parking as well. Please park the scooter after riding in a way that it is not bothering other road users or snow removal equipment. The riding habits of all of us affect whether it is possible to continue riding Tuul just as comfortably in the coming winters. 

We also contribute to the snow freedom of sidewalks and bicycle paths by cooperating with the city of Tallinn. As a result, we can temporarily collect scooters from the streets during major snow removal work. In case of truly extreme conditions, such as heavy snowfall, snowstorms or ice, we are prepared to temporarily suspend the rental of scooters to ensure safety. However, it is assumed that these are rare cases and we are usually available 24/7.