7 eco-conscious books to read

Today we will share reading recommendations to fill your empty bookshelves with something educating and inspiring. Here are 7 reading-worthy eco-books to keep up with the environment around us.
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A quick guide to winterproof riding outfit

Scootering during winter can be as enjoyable as in summer, but only if cold weather does not harm your fingers and toes. As winter scootering is still in the baby shoes there can be some difficulties finding suitable attire. Let’s look how to make right outfit choices to feel warm and yet comfortable while riding a scooter.
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Have you ever almost stumbled upon a scooter? Not anymore!

Have you almost stumbled upon a scooter on the street? Or have you ever found out when you got to the scooter that it needed maintenance? Well, we have good news for you! From now on, you can report us in our app about an incorrectly parked scooter or scooter that needs maintenance.
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