Together is better! Say hello to our new feature – group ride.

Since its launch, environmentally friendly and durable Tuul has proven to be a convenient tool for urban traffic. Taking you faster than walking from point A to point B and allowing you to keep a safe distance from other people at the same time. However, we are not yet perfect and there is still room for improvement to perfect our service and vehicle. But you know what? With our new extra feature, we've just taken it a step closer.
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For the first time in Estonia you can ride an e-scooter in winter!

The snow has finally fallen and the ground has turned white, but that doesn't mean that one can't ride around town with Tuul! For the first time in the history of Estonia, people can enjoy e-scooters in proper ski weather - but what does this mean for other city dwellers and the future of micro-mobility in traffic?
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What will the year 2021 bring to the world of electric scooters?

The discussion about the lack of regulations for electric scooters has been talked about for months, as the has been no law that would regulate who, where, and at what speed could ride electric scooters that conquer the cityscape. Now, as of January 1, 2021, a nationwide “E-scooter law” has been enforced, with the purpose of ensuring safety for drivers, pedestrians, and scooter enthusiasts alike.
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