how to ride


  • find the Tuul app
  • reserve for 0,15€/min, first 30 seconds of reservation is for free
  • unlock by scanning the QR-code
  • wear a helmet, because it’s never a bad idea to protect yourself
  • ride one person per scooter
  • start your ride with a smile


  • speed up with the throttle on the right
  • slow down with the brake on the left
  • use the bell on the left to inform fellow road users
  • enjoy breezing along and paying attention to the sounds of nature
  • stay on bike lanes or sidewalks
  • follow the law


  • on the app, you’ll see allowed zones where to ride and park
  • avoid blocking public pathways, driveways, and access ramps
  • use the kickstand and park nicely
  • don’t forget to finish your ride on the app
  • disinfect your hands

Download Tuul and enjoy the breeze


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