Mobility partner for your business.

Manage and pay for your employees’ rides with one invoice, conveniently. Provide rides for your team in a cost-efficient way, while stepping towards a more sustainable business.

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Business account

Employees can make unlimited rides, using the business card.

Tuul credits

Employees get a certain amount of Tuul credits which they can use for making rides.

Tuul ticket

Each employee has a 30-day pass for work trips, which can be used for a fixed number of minutes each month.

How it works?

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Enter your business details and select the preferred business offering.

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Provide a list of employees’ phone numbers.

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Employees are ready to breeze along.


Provide a cost-efficient and convenient way to travel for your employees

because who doesn’t love fresh air and a traffic jam-free city

Your step towards a more sustainable business

meaning that riding with an electric scooter is 7X more eco-friendly compared to a car

And have all that without any paperwork

you’ll get an invoice once per month, removing the need for manual expense reporting

Tuul for Business