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scan, smile and fly

  • first ride -50% off with code tuul50 
  • unlock with the app
  • wear a helmet
  • stay on bike lanes or sidewalks
  • respect fellow road users
  • park in allowed zone
  • disinfect your hands


Share your code and get 5€ of riding credits!

Earn 5€ of riding credits by sharing your personal code with friends who haven’t ridden Tuul before. Find your code in Tuul app under section “get free rides”

the most durable and eco-friendly e-scooter in the world
made in Estonia

every day

take a spin uphill, upwind, in rain, in heels or boots – no inconvenient weather or clothing with Tuul

ecological footprint

durable for 5 years, over 90% recyclable and manufactured from almost 50% recycled materials

safe breezing

we sanitise scooters everyday but please disinfect your hands after every use to guarantee full protection

Download Tuul and enjoy the breeze


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price for you

Tallinn: starting fee 0 € and ride 0,22 €/min

Riga: starting fee 0 € and ride 0,22 €/min

price for earth

over 100 times less energy per km travelled compared to a petrol car and 20 times less compared to an electric car

We’re the only fleet operations company in the world that has full control over their development, production and service management. We’re here to revolutionise the standards for micro-mobility vehicles and ask for your contribution to improve Tuul. Write and share your thoughts with us.
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