10 health benefits of riding an e-scooter

Everybody knows that 10,000 steps keep you and your health in a good shape. But are you aware that riding a scooter also benefits your health?

If not, read and find out!

1. Riding an e- scooter can burn calories

In case you feel like skipping cardio today, go for a ride instead. Research demonstrates that riding a scooter burns almost as many calories as walking, i.e. at a speed of approx. 7 km/h, around 150 calories are consumed in 30 minutes.


2. Scooter riding can improve your balance

Breezing along on a scooter seems to be easy, but your body exercises to keep you in balance. Riding an electric scooter requires you to stabilize yourself as you turn around corners, slow down, speed up or ride down the hill or on a bumpy road. The slower you drive, the better balance it needs. Go try it yourself.


3. Riding a scooter strengthens (core) muscles

Riding a scooter can be also seen as a light workout for core muscles, arms, shoulders, and legs. Especially when you need to stabilize yourself the most that’s when the core muscles work out the hardest. No wonder you feel a little tired after a long scooter ride.


4. Riding a scooter improves posture

Do you have an office job or tend to slouch around a lot? Then it’s good to take a quick scooter break once in a while or even better go to work and come back by scooter. When riding a scooter you automatically keep your back straight, and you may soon notice the positive effect as your neck and back tension diminishes.


5. Riding a scooter helps to keep viruses away

Moving in the fresh air is suitable for your immune system at any time of the year. In addition, you can be sure that viruses will be kept away, as when riding a scooter you will not have close contact with others, contrary in public transport or shared private vehicles.


6. Riding a scooter improves your coordination

Riding a scooter you will become a real multitasking pro, as you have to successfully handle both the gas and brake levers as well as keep your balance, and at the same time, you have to react quickly to various traffic situations. Quicker reaction time is guaranteed, which can be beneficial to you and not only in traffic situations.

7. Scooter riding keeps the stress away

Feeling low? Stressed? Take an anti-stress pill called a scooter ride. Already after a short time on the scooter, you can feel how the thoughts of worry start to go away and your smile without any real reason. You can also have an unexpected burst of inspiration and gain a new perspective on your current situation.

Your mood will be already lifted by the fact that you don’t have to wait in traffic jams or press through people on public transport.


8. E-scooters can help you sleep better

If you have trouble falling asleep, try out riding a scooter before going to bed. Riding an e-scooter has a calming effect on you which can help you to fall asleep easier for you and improve your sleep quality.


9. Riding e-scooter can improve bone health

Riding an electric scooter can be beneficial for bone health as well. When paring riding an e-scooter regularly and healthy nutrition you can increase your bone density. This makes it less likely to suffer from fractures in the future.


10. Riding a scooter helps keep the planet healthy

Until now we have been focused on your health, but our planet’s well-being matters as well. Happy planet = happy humans

E-scooters help keep the planet’s lungs healthy as scooters do not emit emissions during riding. At the same time, e-scooters are impressively energy-efficient compared to cars. Also, the ears of your fellow citizens will thank you if you ride a scooter instead of driving a car as you will not cause any noise moving around.